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If you are looking for: commercial power sweeping, construction sweeping, street sweeping, highway sweeping, parking lot sweeping, mechanical power sweepers, road sweeping, power sweeper, mechanical power sweeping, commercial lots swept -  then you have come to the right place.


AMRIC Power Sweeping  performs power sweeping for Harvard, MA commerical lots for spring and fall clean-ups as well as highway work for milling and paving crews. We also do town and city work. Our equipment consists of Elgin Pelican machinery. An advantage to hiring our company for services is the fact that our company has the capabilities of performing all outside maintenance needs including snow plowing, sanding and landscaping so all work can be accomplished in one telephone call. 

Call 978-851-8149978-851-8149 for availability of equipment.


Check out this great review from Richard C. Nota/ Town of Harvard/ Public Works Director

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